Monday, 24 July 2017

Why Dating Casually is Good for You

There are a lot of people out there that hate on casual dating. For some people unless there is a deep
melissa minx
connection with someone dating and casual sex/dating are complete void of any real meaning. Well those people honestly don’t know what they are missing because casual dating when done right can be good for your mind and body. Seriously, casual dating and casual sex has actually proved to be very beneficial health wise for people… when done right. We are not here to tell you what to do with your sex life or dating life but we are definitely here to tell you that if you are wasting your time then it truly is just that, a waste of time. The idea behind casual dating and casual sex is that you are being honest 100 percent from the start (so no promises or lies) and also that you are open and willing to connect with someone even if it is just for that moment you are together.

So, if you are casually dating treat it as you would a tantric massage from Minx Massage. Realize that this is something that is beneficial and wonderful for you and your date. Be honest, be open and above all, let your intentions be known from the beginning so there are no hurt feelings in the process. Also, be sure you show this person love and respect and let them enjoy their time with you as much as you plan on enjoying your time with them. Don’t skimp on emotions like you wouldn’t skimp on them for a tantric massage! Let that person feel like they are special to you because they should be for that that moment. No matter how kinky and how incredible the sex is both of you need to feel completely at ease, loved and respected. So, go out there and get all of the benefits of casual dating as long as you remember that unless you do it right it truly is a waste of your time and if you are unsure how to achieve this all then book a tantric massage and turn your dating life into an amazing one.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Finding Your Sensuality Through Tantra

Throughout time sexuality and spirituality have been two things that have been as far apart and as
Emily is a tantric masseuse from Tantric Dolls
estranged as water and oil. Sensuality is often seen as a need of the flesh and any need of the flesh is severely chastised by any kind of spiritual belief, right? Well perhaps when we take a closer look we find that what we consider to be simple desires of the flesh can actually lead us closer to the spiritual.

When people find out that I have tantric massages from Tantric Dolls they tend to get this image of me all greasy in some brothel looking place with a woman on top of me pretending to be sexy when really she’s just hoping I ejaculate soon so she can go tend to another horny ma. This is not even close to the truth. I am family man and have a beautiful wife who also practices Tantra with me. We have a normal looking home and I am definitely not greasy… well, unless you count the times I am drenched in oil to make lubrication easier.

But really, I am a normal family man who started their tantric journey as a spiritual journey. When I was a young lad I travelled all over Asia where I met many interesting people who showed me that we are not flesh sacks carrying souls but that our entire being is composed of both our body and our mind and that the easiest and fastest way to become who we truly are, to get the closest we can to the spirituality that we possess we have to reconcile both our bodies and minds. Pleasure, I learned, is the most wonderful way in which our spirits can also feel free.

By practicing Tantra and partaking in massages I am feeding my soul, learning about my body and also taking the time to love it. That means that I am the most stable I have ever been, the happiest and also the best in bed too. Me and my wife can make love for hours and hours and all thanks to the fact that we are both free of mind, body and spirit. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Long Lunch Break in North London

Although the majority of bookings our beautiful girls receive are for the nighttime. Guilty Pleasures can be enjoyed at any time of the day and are a sure fire way to turn a long lunch break into something very special indeed. With girls located conveniently across central London there really is not reason not to extend your lunch break on a particularly stressful day or simply to treat yourself to the pleasures of an erotic massage midday. Turn a lazy afternoon into a pleasurable erotic pampering session by calling Guilty Pleasures London to book an appointment.
A tantric massage London can be the perfect way to release built up tension and relieve stress. This unique blend of eastern philosophy and western sensuality is sure to put a spring in your step. Perhaps you are tempted by Brazilian beauty Alexia and the soft caress of her hands. Her beauty stunning, all natural hourglass figure and perfect 34DD bust are sure to distract you from the cares of your day. Known for her friendly nature a massage from Alexia is bound to leave you smiling and recharged ready to face your day or even the week again. Alexia is located in Mayfair so makes a perfect companion to your break. Leave everyone at the office wondering where you got your huge smile and drive from!
Or perhaps you prefer the beautiful Vanessa located in Gloucester Road, another Brazilian babe. This slender beauty has a stunning face and body with tantric massage skills to match her looks. With a background in massage therapy from some of the world's most respected intuitions Vivian is a rare find amongst elite masseuses. Her qualifications and her charming seductive manner are sure to leave you completely satisfied. There is really no better way to treat yourself to some pleasure and relaxation as part of your day.

These are just a few of your centrally located options when it comes to our beautiful and skilled girls. Whatever your preference there is a willing pair of beautiful, soft and experienced hands waiting to meet your needs and fulfill your desires around London. Call or email Guilty Pleasures London to book a long lunch break from heaven.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Palace Theatre

The Palace Theatre, 97 Oxford Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 6FT is one of the most notable theatres in the city of Manchester and plays hosts to a wide range of world famous theatre productions that wow the audiences who flock there.

The theatre was originally known as “The Grand Old Lady of Oxford Street” and opened one-hundred and twenty-five years ago on the 18th May 1891. The building housing The Palace Theatre itself is Grade II listed and was designed by the esteemed architect Alfred Darbyshire who also designed several other theatres in the city. Some of the worlds most renowned actors have took to its historic stage including Judy Garland, Gracie Fields, Laurel and Hardy and Noel Coward.

Initially, the theatre initially failed to make a profit and took a direct hit during the Manchester blitz. Post war its profile was raised when world class productions began to be shown and stars from stage and screen flocked to perform on its high class stage.

In the modern era, it is now one of the most popular and best-equipped theatres in the UK outside of London and shows include classical opera and ballet, as well as more contemporary musicals, pantomimes, stand-up comedy shows and one-night concerts. With many Manchester escorts thespians themselves many discerning clients will be surprised to learn they many have seen Exclusive Company Manchester Escorts in many of the theatre shows they will have had the pleasure of experiencing.

The Palace Theatre and its sister theatre; The Opera, Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3HP are both operated by the renowned The Ambassador Theatre Group who own forty theatre venues across the globe. The group are one of the theatre worlds most respected organisations and are responsible for bringing world class shows to the Manchester theatre.
For a month from 16th May 2016 the stars of the hit-show Mamma Mia will be treading the boards and delighting theatre goers from across the North West with the much-loved hit songs that were originally that sung by Abba. Other upcoming productions include Puppetry of the Penis, which showcases the ancient Australian art of genital origami, viewers are warned the show may contain traces of nut! The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Manchester Escorts Agency have already bought their tickets and are ready for a night of light hearted salacious fun.

Notable productions over the years have included Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon and it also hosted a season of the tour of Mary Poppins which was featured in only six theatres across the whole of the UK and helped to cement The Palaces reputation as the flagship theatre in the North-West of England.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Outdoor swimming in London

Now that the first blazing hot days of summer have begun (admittedly, it's not consistently hot yet, but then again, when in England is that ever the case?), you may have begun to get curious about where in the capital you can swim outdoors. A lot of us get sick of swimming around in disinfectant, going up and down lanes in over-heated indoor, public swimming pools. We yearn for a freer, more natural swimming experience. Short of leaving town and heading for the sea, our next best option is to look for places closer to home. There are several places popular with Tantric Soul Yoni massage in London and here we have picked three of them.

Serpentine Lido 

First is the Serpentine Lido. During May, it's open on weekends from 10.00am to 6pm, before expanding to seven days a week from June to August. Entry is less than £5 and the facilities include a sun terrace and sunbathing area. Some people are put off by a feeling of uncertainty about the water quality, but it's checked for safety every week. An on-site kiosk sells drinks and refreshments and there's a children's paddling pool, too. The Serpentine, a man-made body of water, formed from an underground river which still passes through to this day, is a beautiful place to swim and if May to August isn't sufficient for you, you can join the swimming club which gives you year-round access between 6.00 and 9.30am, including Christmas Day.

A professional image of Richard from Tantric Soul

Hampstead Swimming Ponds

A Yoni massage London has a particular fondness for Hampstead swimming ponds where there is a Men's pond, a Ladies' pond and a mixed pond. The first two are open throughout the year and have a wilder, more rural feeling about them than the Serpentine. On hotter days, there is a significant social buzz around the ponds, a deep conviviality which is perhaps less easy to come by elsewhere. The ponds themselves began life as dammed-off clay pits, but today they provide residents of the capital with a way to cool off and recharge their batteries while also making new friends in the sunshine (or rain).

The King's Cross Pond is the newest addition to the outdoor swimming options in the city. It bills itself as the "UK's first every man-made fresh water public bathing pond" and, thanks to its proximity to Bloomsbury and the West End, it's a big hit with Yoni massage London. It's a 40-metre long body of water which is entirely chemical-free thanks to a natural purification system using under-water plants for filtering. There's something truly exhilarating about finding this oasis, about a 10-minute walk from the train station. Tickets are inexpensive and need to be bought online before your visit.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

There are certain things in life that us men must have

There are certain things in life that us men must have, we must upgrade them as soon as a new one comes out, we must have the biggest of all our friends and of course we have got to brag about them. Loads of different items fall into the above categories but for me and to start this article off I am talking about TVs.

TVs are a passion for so many men, it is not just London escorts where we have to spread our passion, I can’t blame them, I am deeply in love with TVs and that is where this article is coming from – straight from the heart!

Here we have a professional photograph of one of our London escorts
One of the London escorts

TVs have really loved on since I was a child, they are a completely different ball game, gone are the days when you would have to get up off the sofa to walk over to the set to change channels, can you remember having to tune the channel in each time, I can even remember the first television that I had that you could save the channel on.

Hands up if you ever had to use a wire coat hanger as a makeshift aerial, turning it around to try and get some signal? Have you ever sat there looking at the fuzzy screen and thought it best that you bang the top of the TV as hard as you can?

The days of all of the above are over, thankfully home entertainment has moved on and today's it's like having a cinema in your front room. Everybody is nearly up to that level, it's great that something so special is so achievable to so many; a 55-inch screen is not a million miles away for a man working in B&Q and that is not a bad thing!

Sony Bravia is my favourite TV at the moment, I like the 4K ones, the picture is just so clear, in fact, I liked them so much that I just went out and bought one, I also bought a sound bar with it. I have never used a sound bar before, I have always had a home cinema system and thought that was the way to go……. Until I heard the sound coming from the Sony soundbar, it knocked spots off of what I have had before.

I also bought an Apple TV box, a great way to spend £50, I didn’t even push for the brand new version of it, I just didn’t need it, the ones that I brought was really good and what it allows me to do is view websites on my new TV. Can you imagine how hot some of the sexy London escorts look up on the big screen?

I am telling you they look as hot as hell!